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Starbucks Announces Rollout of Wireless Charging Stations

Starbucks has announced a national rollout of a wireless charging stations, beginning with stores San Francisco. 


Working in partnership with Duracell, Starbucks will expand Powermat charging stations to additional major markets in 2015, with a full national... - read more

Cricket Announces the ZTE Source

Cricket Wireless today introduced the ZTE Source, a new Android smartphone that features a 4.5-inch display and 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor. The Source includes a 5-megapixel main camera that can capture 720p HD video and a 1-megapixel user-facing camera for video chats. Both... - read more

Cricket to Sell iPhone 5s and 5c

Cricket Wireless today announced that it will begin selling the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on October 25.

Source: Phonescoop

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Cricket Announces Monthly Phone Payments - Muve Music 4.0

Cricket Wireless today made several announcements regarding phone financing, Musive Music 4.0, and new device availability. The first bit of news concerns how customers purchase phones. Cricket will offer flexible payment financing options that allow customers to pay for devices over time.... - read more

Cricket Announces Galaxy S 4 Launch Details

Cricket today announced that it will start selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 on June 7.

Source: Phonescoop

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Cricket To Carry Samsung Admire 2, Galaxy Discover

Cricket today announced plans to offer two new Samsung Android phones this summer: the Admire 2 and the Galaxy Discover (already offered in a GSM variant by Net10.)

  • The Admire 2 is a new, mid-range Android phone with 4G LTE, 4-inch display, 5-megapixel... - read more
Cricket Intros New Family Plan, Revamps iPhone Plans

Cricket Wireless today announced two new sets of plans, one for multiple lines and another for iPhones. The new family plan offers two smartphone lines for $40 per line per month. The plan includes unlimited voice minutes and text messages, 1GB of full-speed data (throttled thereafter),... - read more

Cricket Intros the Kyocera Kona Flip Phone

Cricket Wireless today announced the Kyocera Kona, a flip phone very similar to Kyocera's Coast for Boost. The Kona can be paired with any of Cricket's low-cost feature phone plans. The Kona runs on Cricket's 1X network and includes a 2.4-inch QVGA internal display, a 1.44-inch external... - read more

ZTE Engage LT Pops Up on Cricket's Web Site

Cricket Wireless recently made the ZTE Engage LT available for sale via its web site. The Engage LT is a stripped-down version of the Engage, and includes entry-level specs for an Android smartphone. The Engage LT features a 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage; a... - read more

Cricket Launches LG Optimus Regard, Its First LTE Smartphone

Cricket today announced the addition of two Android smartphones to its lineup. The LG Optimus Regard is a rebadged version of the LG Motion 4G, which is sold by MetroPCS. The Regard features a 3.5-inch display with 480 x 320 pixels, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 5-megapixel main camera,... - read more

Cricket Reveals New LTE Markets, Smartphones, Data Plans

Cricket Wireless today announced a significant expansion of its nascent LTE 4G network. Its 4G service is already available in Las Vegas and Tucson. Those markets are joined today by Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, Corpus Christi, and the... - read more

Cricket Wireless to Sell iPhone 5 Sept. 28

Cricket Wireless today announced that it will offer the Apple iPhone 5 beginning September 28. Cricket didn't provide pricing details.

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Cricket Adds Muve Music to All Smartphone Plans

Cricket Wireless today announced sweeping changes to the rates it charges for services for both feature phones and smartphones. The cheapest feature phone plan now costs $35 and includes unlimited talk and text. The $45 feature phone plan adds more calling features, unlimited MMS,... - read more

Cricket Lands the HTC One V

Cricket Communications today announced that it will offer the HTC One V starting September 2. The One V, also sold by Virgin Mobile, has a 3.7-inch display, a 5-megapixel camera, Android 4.0, Beats Audio, and Cricket's Muve Music service.

Source: Phonescoop

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Cricket Now Selling the Huawei Ascend Q

Cricket Wireless recently made the Huawei Ascend Q available for sale via its web site. The Ascend Q is a bar-style phone that includes both a 3.2-inch touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard for messaging. The Ascend Q runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is powered by an 800MHz processor.... - read more

Cricket to Sell Apple iPhone 4/4S Starting June 22

Cricket Wireless today announced that its customers will be able to purchase either the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S at select retailers in 60 markets beginning June 22. Both can be used with Cricket's $55 unlimited monthly plan. The plan includes unlimited voice and text messaging, but it has a... - read more

Cricket Planning Huge Smartphone Push

Cricket Wireless is hoping to bring 10 new devices to the market before the end of the year, with seven of them being smartphones. Cricket representative Matthew Stoiber said the company will have a "good, better, best" range of smartphones available to its pre-paid customers. The company... - read more

Cricket Signs LTE Wholesale Agreement with Clearwire

Leap Wireless today announced that it has signed a wholesale agreement with Clearwire so it can access Clearwire's forthcoming LTE 4G network. The deal, which will initially last five years, will provide Leap's Cricket prepaid wireless service with the ability to offload extra capacity to... - read more

Cricket's LTE Network Launches in Tucson

Leap Wireless today announced that Tucson, Ariz., will be its first Long Term Evolution 4G market and serve as the starting point for the company's planned transition from CDMA 3G to LTE 4G services. Cricket said that 90% of its CDMA service footprint in the Tucson area has access to LTE,... - read more

Cricket Intros ZTE Memo QWERTY Phone

Cricket Wireless today announced availability of the ZTE Memo, a bar-style messaging phone that has a full QWERTY keyboard. The Memo runs Cricket's feature phone operating system, offers 3G data, and incudes a web browser. It also has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera with video... - read more

Cricket Nabs Samsung Transfix

Cricket and Samsung today announced the Transfix, an affordable Android phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with four rows of keys, including a dedicated number row. The phone is similar to the Acclaim released last year for US Cellular. Its specs include 800 MHz processor, 3.2-inch... - read more

Cricket Announces the ZTE Score Muve Music Smartphone

In addition to the market expansion announced today, Cricket Wireless also announced new phones that will be able to take advantage of its Muve Music plan. The ZTE Score is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone that features a 600MHz processor, 3.5-inch HVGA display, accelerometer,... - read more

Cricket Announces Huawei Ascend II

Cricket today announced the addition of the Huawei Ascend II, a new Android 2.3 smartphone that has a 3.5 inch display, 5 megapixel camera with video capture, 600MHz processor and support for microSD cards. It comes with all the stock Google services that make up most Android phones.

... - read more
Cricket Announces Availability of the Samsung Chrono

Leap Wireless today announced that the Samsung Chrono is available starting today. The Chrono is an entry-level flip phone that includes Bluetooth, speakerphone, VGA camera, dual displays, and GPS.

Source: Phonescoop

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Cricket Wireless Indulges Samsung Fans

Cricket Wireless today announced the availability of the Samsung Indulge. This variant of the Indulge loses the LTE feature of the MetroPCS version, but has a 3.5 inch display, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 1GHz processor, and Samsung TouchWiz 3.0.

Source: Phonescoop

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38 years have passed since the first cell phone call

Yesterday, 38 years passed since Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola placed the first phone call on a cell phone while taking a stroll on the streets of New York City in the distant April 3rd of 1973. Cooper made a dazzling demonstration by calling none other than rival Dr. Engel, research chief of... - read more

Cricket Enters into 4G Roaming Agreement with LightSquared

LightSquared, the company planning to build a wholesale only LTE network in the USA has signed a national roaming agreement with Leap Wireless. The new arrangement will allow Cricket, Leap's operating subsidiary, to supplement the LTE coverage that Cricket plans to deploy across its own... - read more

Wireless Humor: Burglar arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet

With many of today's older phone models losing battery power too quickly to suit users, it is no surprise that 25 year old Cody Wilkins was upset. His phone was running out of power and the fierce blizzard had cut off power to Mr. Wilkins' home in Silver Spring, Maryland. So he packed up his... - read more

Cricket Snaps Up More Spectrum with Denali Purchase

Leap Wireless today announced that it has agreed to purchase the remaining shares of Denali Spectrum LLC, which operates in the greater Chicago and southern Wisconsin markets. Leap already owned 82.5% of Denali, an will acquire the remaining 17.5%. In order to make the deal work, Denali has... - read more

Cricket Announces Final Kyocera Zio Availability Details

Cricket and Kyocera today announced the final launch date and sale price of the Zio, Kyocera's first Android handset. The phone, which has a 3.5-inch display, EVDO Rev. A 3G, Android 1.6, and a 3.2 megapixel camera, is available starting today at all Cricket stores.

Source:... - read more

MSGM8 II Lands at Cricket

Cricket Wireless today began offering the MSGM8 II (message mate two) QWERTY-equipped messaging phone. The MSGM8 II, made by ZTE, was approved by the FCC several weeks ago. Its basic features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, voice recognition, speakerphone and a handful of... - read more

Cricket Will Launch a Swarm of New Devices

Cricket, the wireless service from Leap Wireless, will launch 15 new devices this year across a range of categories. In addition to smartphones like the recently-released BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the Android-powered Sanyo Zio by Kyocera, Cricket will also launch 3G feature phones and even... - read more

Cricket Posts Teaser Page for Kyocera Zio Android Handset

Cricket has posted a new web site touting the unreleased Kyocera / Sanyo Zio. The Zio M6000 was first announced in March of this year. It is a tri-band CDMA EVDO Rev. A handset with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It has a 3.5-inch screen and 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture at 30 frames... - read more

Cricket Finds Its Way With New Navigator App

Today Cricket Wireless introduced Cricket Navigation, a new service offering for its customers. Cricket Navigation provides voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation as well as details on nearby gas stations, traffic, local points of interest, and local business search. The application is available... - read more

Cricket To Offer BlackBerry Curve 8530

Cricket will offer a version of the newest Curve with AWS CDMA this "summer". It's otherwise identical to the Curve 8530 offered by other CDMA carriers.

Source: Phonescoop

- read more
Cricket Makes Good On Smartphone Promise

Today Cricket Wireless told Phone Scoop that it is prepared to offer its customers smartphones with its pre-paid wireless services. One of the first will be the recently announced Kyocera Zio. Cricket also said that it will soon be offering a BlackBerry, though it didn't specify which... - read more

Cricket Debuts Nationwide Coverage In All 50 States

Today Cricket Wireless announced a new, nationwide expansion of its calling services. Cricket has struck a new roaming agreement with Sprint that dramatically improves the footprint of its network. Before today's expansion, Cricket covered 195 million pops. After today, it reaches 270... - read more

Cricket Offers Free Calls To Haiti

Following T-Mobile's footsteps, today Cricket announced that it, too, is offering its voice customers free, unlimited calling to Haiti between now and midnight Eastern Standard Time on Friday, January 22, 2010.

Source: Phonescoop

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Cricket MSGM8 Leaps Into Stores On November 27

The MSGM8 (Message Mate) is a tri-band CDMA bar-style phone with QWERTY keyboard. It has dedicated keys for messaging applications as well as access to social networking applications. It also has a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and speech recognition for hands free calling. It has a toggle... - read more

Cricket Enters Lake Charles Market

Today Leap Wireless announced that its Cricket services are now available in the Lake Charles, Louisiana, market. The new footprint covers approximately 1,367 square miles and 241,000 new POPs. Cricket offers service to 91.3 million Americans across the country.

Source: Phonescoop

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New Invention Addresses Lithium Battery Fires

A new technology to prevent lithium-ion batteries from catching fire or exploding in laptops and mobile phones may be on the market as soon as the first quarter of 2010, its inventor said on Wednesday.

The invention, called Stoba, was developed at the Industrial Technology Research... - read more

Ten Great Uses For Your Camera Phone

A camera phone can be handier than you think. Here are some innovative ways in which you can put yours to use.


  • Capture a whiteboard after a meeting.
    How many times have you left a meeting wishing that you... - read more
Robocalls To Be Illegal Starting September 1

Automated "robocalls" that come from companies will become illegal starting on September 1. Any company that places unsolicited or automated calls to consumers in an attempt to sell products will be violating the law and subject to a fine of up to $16,000 per call. Some exceptions apply.... - read more

Cricket Expands Service Footprint - Retools Calling Plans

Today Cricket Wireless announced two new large swaths of the U.S. that can access its services. The mid-Atlantic region spans from New York City to Richmond, Va. The southwest area now blankets parts of Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Cricket also announced some... - read more

Cricket Offers Tri-Band Text Mate QWERTY Phone

Today Cricket announced the Personal Communications Devices TXTM8, a messaging phone with full QWERTY keyboard and tri-band CDMA radios. The TXTM8 has Cricket's customizable homescreen, which lets users access web content, such as the weather and news. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel... - read more

Cricket Offers Motorola Hint With Video - Bluetooth and 3G

Cricket is now offering the Motorola Hint QA30. Motorola Hint QA30 is a compact slider with a QWERTY keyboard, 3G connectivity and video capture, playback and video stream.

Motorola Hint QA30 also features a large 2.5" color display, a 2MP camera/camcorder, an MP3 music player plus... - read more

Recycling Old Phones A New Way To Give

Did you get a cell phone for Christmas? Why not recycle your old one?

Every year, Americans buy more than 100 million cell phones. Most of those replace older handsets, which wind up at the bottom of a desk drawer and, eventually, a landfill where toxins from their circuit boards,... - read more

New Car-Ignition Key Can Jam Mobile Phones
University of Utah researchers have developed an automobile ignition key that prevents teenagers (or anyone frankly) from talking on cell phones or sending text messages while driving.

The university has obtained provisional patents and licensed the invention – Key2SafeDriving... - read more