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Cricket Enters into 4G Roaming Agreement with LightSquared

LightSquared, the company planning to build a wholesale only LTE network in the USA has signed a national roaming agreement with Leap Wireless. The new arrangement will allow Cricket, Leap's operating subsidiary, to supplement the LTE coverage that Cricket plans to deploy across its own networks over the next few years with LTE roaming services from LightSquared.

"We intend to deploy our own LTE networks beginning this year to complement the existing nationwide 3G services we currently offer to customers. This new roaming arrangement will allow us to offer customers an even-greater 4G service area as Lightsquared expands its own network." said Doug Hutcheson, Leap's President and CEO.

Financial and other terms of the roaming agreement were not disclosed.

Source: cellular-news.com

Added: 03/24/2011