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Cricket Offers Motorola Hint With Video - Bluetooth and 3G

Cricket is now offering the Motorola Hint QA30. Motorola Hint QA30 is a compact slider with a QWERTY keyboard, 3G connectivity and video capture, playback and video stream.

Motorola Hint QA30 also features a large 2.5" color display, a 2MP camera/camcorder, an MP3 music player plus a microSD memory card slot and stereo Bluetooth. The phone supports tri-band connectivity and 3G data downloads. It is great for text messaging and email.

"Hint is a great match for Cricket's popular services," said Dan Papalia, vice president, Motorola Mobile Devices. "The stylish slider design combined with Cricket's high-speed network makes it easy for customers to keep in constant contact with friends and family in a variety of ways."

"For the customer who prefers to access their email and 3G Mobile Web via a QWERTY keyboard the Hint offers all this and more. Hint is an extremely versatile device that will allow our customers to conduct their mobile lifestyles with speed and agility," said Jeff Toig, vice president of product marketing for Cricket. "Hint has a wide array of features such as an MP3 player, 2MP camera and camcorder for high quality entertainment on the go. It's a great way for customers to take advantage of Cricket's unlimited offerings, such as texting, email, Mobile Web and Mobile Video."

Source: Wireless and Mobile News

Added: 05/13/2009