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Cricket Debuts Nationwide Coverage In All 50 States

Today Cricket Wireless announced a new, nationwide expansion of its calling services. Cricket has struck a new roaming agreement with Sprint that dramatically improves the footprint of its network. Before today's expansion, Cricket covered 195 million pops. After today, it reaches 270 million people. The expansion allows people to use voice and texting services in those new areas as if the were in their home region. Cricket told Phone Scoop that Cricket devices and services will continue to be available only in markets where Cricket provides its own coverage, and there will be no 3G data roaming. The expansion is for voice and SMS/MMS only. In addition to the new footprint, Cricket also revamped its calling plans. For $30 per month users can get basic unlimited calling across the new roaming region. For $40 per month, users get voicemail, call forwarding, nationwide SMS/MMS messaging and mobile web. For $50 per month users have all the previously mentioned features and add mobile email, international texting, data back-up and navigation. Finally, for $60 per month, users will also get unlimited mobile video and other mobile entertainment features. Unlimited texting to Mexico is available as an add-on for 15 per month.

Source: Phonescoop

Added: 03/23/2010